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With over $11 Million granted to charities in the last 31 years, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation has made tremendous impact throughout out Central Alberta.

2021 Approved Fall Grants

Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre Fee Assistance Program – $4,000.00

This program will support families experiencing financial barriers with fee assistance to access programs and services for children living with disabilities.

Hope 4 MVC Kids Society Family Supports for Children with Medical Needs – $4,000.00

Hope 4 MVC Kids Society assists families across Mountain View County with children in medical need by providing 6 different programs that offer assistance with sudden and difficult financial costs to the family. Assistance programs can include support with sibling care, meals, fuel costs, rent/mortgage assistance, utility assistance, adaptive equipment, therapy, prescription supports, and advocacy.

Family Services of Central Alberta Rainbows Program – $2,500.00

Rainbows™ is an internationally acclaimed peer-support program offered free of charge to children and families, to help them cope with grief due to divorce, separation, death or abandonment, and develop coping skills for life. Rainbows promotes emotional healing by giving participants the opportunity to share their feelings and grieve their loss within a safe, caring setting, with peers who are experiencing a similar transition.

Red Deer Action Group Society Subsidy Ride Program – $2,000

The program reimburses low-income individuals up to $150/year in transportation costs to help them get to their most important appointments like childcare, grocery shopping, and medical/wellness appointments.

Red Deer Food Bank Society Accessibility Modifications – $9,815.00

This program supports the Red Deer Food Bank’s initiative to become more accessible to patrons with physical disabilities, replacing their current doors with new ones that will remove barriers for parents with strollers, persons with walkers, wheelchairs, and mobility constraints.

Red Deer Regional Health Foundation Vital Monitor Campaign – $20,000

Vital Monitor Campaign – Many patients (over 90,000) who come to the Red Deer Hospital must be on vital signs monitors to allow healthcare staff to provide optimal care. Monitors alert care teams when a patient’s vital signs falls outside safe parameters, allowing them to continue to support patients effectively. Multiple departments throughout the hospital identified the need to replace current monitors to be able to continually provide quality care to patients.

The Mustard Seed Red Deer Wellness Program – $20,000.00

This program will support people experiencing poverty and homelessness to improve their health and wellbeing through a unique, holistic and integrated approach. Poverty is multifactorial and has significant impacts on all areas of an individual’s life. Health and wellness programming facilitates clients exiting from homelessness by providing wrap-around services that address medical issues and additional environmental and social concerns that create barriers in moving towards sustainable, healthy lifestyles. Specific activities will include advocacy, mental health counselling, and occupational therapy.

Cosmos Community Disability Services Foundation – Karma Café Program Enhancements – $15,000
The Karma Café Food Service Training Program expansion includes a customer service-based training where individuals can learn how to take orders and serve customers at an eat-in establishment. At the current time the café does not offer seating, but with the renovation the café will be able to offer seating and wheelchair accessible bathrooms. This modification to the building will create a well-rounded program that will allow for an individual to learn all aspects of the Food Service Sector. The program is free of charge for any individual that would benefit from the 6-week training program. The program seeks to enhance social inclusion, life skills and job skills training, and mental wellbeing.