Financial Awards for students attending post-secondary education

We understand the financial hurdles that can come with higher education. Generous legacy funds, created by our donors, ensure Central Alberta students have access to crucial financial support. Whether you’re pursuing a certificate program, or aiming for a university degree, our scholarship opportunities are designed to support diverse educational journeys. We are committed to inclusivity, ensuring that all students have the chance to apply. We provide various opportunities that go beyond academic achievements, embracing a wide range of talents and passions, providing equal opportunities for every student to pursue their educational dreams.

These awards, endowed through donations, are disbursed directly to post-secondary institutions, adhering to CRA regulations. Most applications will require the following documents:

• Two signed, dated reference letters that include phone numbers

• Transcript or outline of high school academic results

• Your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) Notice of Assessment (Please note: you can still apply if you are unable to provide this documentation. You will be required to provide a brief explanation as to why you are unable to provide this documentation).

• Proof of Enrollment (this can be through a screenshot of a timetable, letter of acceptance, or confirmation of registration. If you are deferring, you will be asked to provide a brief explanation as to why).

However, each scholarship has unique criteria and deadlines. Please read all pieces of the application carefully.

Explore your opportunities and embark on your academic journey.


Carefully read all criteria and requirements for applications

Complete your application based on the grant requirements

Submit application on time, with proof of post-secondary acceptance

Wait six to eight weeks to hear if your application was successful

Successful applicants will have their student accounts credited at the post-secondary institution they are registered to attend