Financial Awards for students attending post-secondary education

Our donors understand the weight of tuition costs, and to help, have created legacy funds to ensure students from Central Alberta have access to financial support for the purpose of education.

These awards are made possible by endowing all donations, and using the investment income to create scholarships and bursaries. As per CRA regulations, our Foundation is not at liberty to disburse the awards directly to recipients. Rather, we release the funds directly to the post-secondary institution, which then credits the student’s tuition account.

Each award has its own criteria, deadline and submitting process. Please read all pieces of the application carefully.


Carefully read all criteria and requirements for applications

Complete your application based on the grant requirements

Submit application on time, with proof of post-secondary acceptance

Wait six to eight weeks to hear if your application was successful

Successful applicants will have their student accounts credited at the post-secondary institution they are registered to attend