William Arthur Bower Memorial Scholarship

The William Arthur Bower Memorial Scholarship was developed in memory of William Arthur Bower, an early Red Deer resident who lost his life in World War I. The scholarship, which was made possible through a $1M donation from Arthur’s nieces, Ruth and Dorothy Bower, will not only support local students to further their education, but also perpetuate the memory of one of the many Canadians who died in the name of their country.

The William Arthur Bower Memorial Scholarship is supported by a $1M endowment and will ensure a minimum of five scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded every year, with the opportunity for students to reapply for up to four years. The scholarship is open to students graduating from Red Deer schools within the Red Deer Public School Division and Red Deer Regional Catholic School Division..

Note: As per CRA regulations, our Foundation is not at liberty to disburse the awards directly to recipients. Rather, we release the funds directly to the post-secondary institution, which then credits the student’s tuition account.

Deadline: May 1, 2024

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