Think of the Red Deer & District Community Foundation as the community savings account. We are an independent, community-based organization that focuses on philanthropy, grants and leadership.

Our mission is to be a community catalyst committed to building a legacy which strengthens the quality of life in Red Deer and the surrounding areas.

We understand the importance of long-term, strategic planning – not only as an organization, but as philanthropists.

As we continue to work to ensure that we are considering the long-term view, we also want to ensure our immediate and current relevance to the community, as a funder and also as a resource for donors focused on providing sustainability for future generations. We want to continue to be aware of the issues and how we might create change, build community, and cultivate inclusion, at every turn.

Since 1989, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation has been a 360° grant maker that invests in projects, programs, and organizations to build a stronger central Alberta.

We prudently invest the donations we receive in an endowment. Each year we disburse the income we make on that investment to charitable organizations and projects

Currently, we have $17 million in pooled assets. The larger our pool grows, the more funding we can make available to respond to the needs within our communities and because we never touch the principal, there will always be granting dollars available for Central Alberta charities.

Donors can be confident that their gift, no matter how small or in what form, will continue to give for many years to come –forever, actually.

As a community foundation, we know the importance of planning, saving, and growing. We are focused on financial sustainability, community support, and solutions that create impact both now and long term. We are here, not only to provide a funding avenue for the charities who support individuals and families in our region – but we are here for the philanthropists who love tomorrow enough to plan for it.

As individuals, our interests are shaped by our experiences and that reflects in the way we give. While some people like to remain flexible & open to opportunities as they arise, some are dedicated to specific charitable goals.

Currently, these include:

Smart & Caring Communities Fund (Unrestricted Fund) – a fund developed to address the changing needs in central Alberta.

Field of Interest Fund – funds that focus on a particular area of interest like mental health or education.

Donor Advised Fund – funds that give donors the opportunity to identify which charities will receive the grants from their funds annually.