Fall 2024 application deadline: October 15, 2024

How to Apply

Please read the grant application guidelines and ensure your organization and project meet the eligibility requirements.

To register onto the online grant platform, please select the button below.


Organizations that are registered with CRA as a qualified donee or apply in partnership with a qualified donee are eligible.


The SLCEF is available annually with a deadline of November 1st.

If the deadline falls on a weekend, the application must be submitted by the following Monday on or before 12 noon.


The applications are reviewed by a committee which is comprised of some of the RDDCF Board of Directors as well as members of the community who make grant recommendations to the Community Foundation’s Board. This takes approximately six to eight weeks and applicants will be informed of the result at that time.

A Community Catalyst

We work with community and for community by supporting organizations that demonstrate a collaborative approach.  We support innovative projects that align with our guiding principles.  Not every new idea will work, but we will learn from every project.

Quality of Life

We are committed to strengthening the quality of life in Red Deer and the surrounding area.  We build on the strengths of the community and address issues that detract from community wellbeing by supporting organizations that share this goal with us.


We are building a community legacy because we never touch our capital pool of money.  While our capital base grows, we use the income earned to support community.  We are committed to investing wisely, managing efficiently and looking for ways to maximize resources and results through alliances and partnerships.

Proactive Attitude

The Foundation does not necessarily wait for applications.  Through strong community relationships we identify and address issues with other community organizations and district municipalities.

Volunteer Support

Programs that utilize a strong volunteer force, or are dedicated to supporting volunteers, will be priority for Foundation support.

Independence for Individuals

Community development means building the capacity of individuals to be independent and self-sustaining.  We will give strong consideration to projects that support this principle.


Contact our office to discuss your proposal

Complete your application based on the grant requirements

Submit grant by specified deadline

Wait six to eight weeks to hear if your application was successful

Share the good news about our partnership in all project communications

See the Impact

With over $11 Million granted to charities in the last 31 years, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation has made tremendous impact throughout out Central Alberta.