Grant Supports Rural Hospice in Bridging the Gap

To enter the hospice suite at Points West Living in Stettler is to experience a sense of comfort. The incredible staff, Board, and volunteers of the Stettler Hospice are community-minded individuals who are not afraid to have uncomfortable conversations if it means getting people closer to comfort when they need it most – when they are faced with needing end-of-life care. The love and nurturing providing by the Stettler Hospice is an invaluable resource for families living in and around Stettler.

With a commitment to accessibility and compassionate end-of-life care, the Stettler Hospice Society understands that access to hospice care is crucial. But accessing this care can be challenging for those living in rural communities, where travel to bigger centres for medical care can be a burden to families already struggling with the logistics and emotions of hospice care. This deep understanding of the vital importance of local hospice care allows the Stettler Hospice Society to fulfil their vision “to provide loving, compassionate care for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of patients and their families during End Of Life by relieving suffering, providing comfort, and helping to improve quality of living and dying.”

A key benefit of hospice care in rural communities is the ability to continue a sense of support while allowing patients to stay in the communities where they feel most connected. In many rural areas, neighbors and community members often come together to provide care for those in need. Hospice programs build upon this existing support system by offering specialized medical expertise, emotional support, and resources to patients and their families.

To this end, the Stettler Hospice Society also facilitates an innovative program called Hospice at Home. Hospice at Home allows patients to stay in their homes while still accessing hospice care in the form of regular volunteer visits. This program bridges the gap by bringing compassionate care directly to patients’ homes.

The Red Deer & District Community Foundation recognized the incredible impact of the Stettler Hospice Society with a grant of $10,000, used by the agency to purchase essential tools that help to provide comfort and solace to patients and their families.

The amazing care provided by the Stettler Hospice Society is a pillar of strong community support. One family shared that “there was nothing we could have asked for or thought of that [the Stettler Hospice] didn’t provide. Thank you for granting mom’s wish to leave with dignity and to be able to meet with all her family.  We are eternally grateful to the Stettler Hospice.”