Fall 2023 Community Grants Support Five Agencies

The Red Deer & District Community Foundation (RDDCF) is pleased to announce that $70,000 will be distributed to five agencies through the Fall 2023 Community Grants program.

“In awarding grants, the adjudication committee chose to focus on agencies where funding would have the greatest impact on strengthening the quality of life in Central Alberta, which is our organization’s mission,” Erin Peden, Executive Director of RDDCF said.

The grants distributed this cycle will support organizations that work with a wide range of demographics, from children and youth all the way to individuals who are accessing end-of-life care.

“The strength of our Community Grants program is the ability to grant to any qualified donee, meaning we can choose to respond to the most pressing needs of agencies in Central Alberta,” said Peden.

“We are proud that this granting cycle will see the Community Foundation support new, emerging programs, as well as agencies that have a long record of outstanding support for families and individuals in our community,” Peden said.

Recipients of the fall grants are as follows:

  • Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre Toys for Play Therapy – $5,000.00
    • The CASASC Play Therapy Room focuses on supporting children who have experienced or are affected by sexual violence. Play therapy is generally used with children between the ages of 31/2 and 12, and provides a way for participants to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. CASASC is the only agency in Central Alberta to provide child therapy at no cost.
  • Family Services of Central Alberta Mothers for Recovery Support Group – $30,000.00
    • Mothers for Recovery is a weekly support group that provides an opportunity for mothers who are seeking or maintaining recovery from substance use to receive non-judgmental support in a safe and confidential space. The program involves weekly meetings co-facilitated by a professional woman and mother in recovery herself. The co-facilitation supports the Mothers for Recovery belief that the best teachers for mothers with addiction are individuals who have recovered from addiction themselves.
  • Leftovers Foundation Rescue Food YQF – $10,000.00
    • Rescue Food Red Deer 2024 will build on the launch and pilot of the program in 2023, with a focus on increased food donor and volunteer outreach and engagement. Rescue Food works on a relational level to build local connections between small food retailers and neighbouring service agencies. The program’s volunteer redirection model minimizes the effort required by service agencies to access redirected food.
  • Olds & District Hospice Volunteer Driving & Support Program – $5,000.00
    • The Volunteer Driving & Support Program facilitates hospice volunteers driving patients
      for medical appointments and other needs, providing both logistical and emotional support.
  • YMCA of Northern Alberta – Northside Community Centre Keeping the Youth Centre Open for YOUth! – $20,000.00
    • The Youth Centre is open during the critical afterschool hours of 3-5:30pm, Monday-Friday, for ages 8-18. It is a place where youth can drop-in and relax, play games, read and connect with friends. Universal access for the YMCA Northside Youth Centre removes financial barriers to accessing social, emotional and physical activity opportunities for youth after school. Free youth centre access increases peer and mentor relationship development supporting positive youth development.

“We, as a Community Foundation, are focused on sustainability and impact,” Peden said. “Providing funding in the form of grants is just one way that we support organizations. We also facilitate collaboration, and we work with agencies to implement alternative funding options.”

In 2023, RDDCF granted over $125,00 to local charities through the Community Grants program.