Book Clubs for Inmates in Central Alberta

Last spring, Book Clubs for Inmates received a Community Grant from the Community Foundation to have the Children of Inmates Reading Program (CHiRP) facilitated here in Central Alberta. This program aims to “build and enhance a healthier parent/child relationship, develop literacy and listening skills, increase vocabulary and attention spans for children and promote a love of learning in children through the consistent presence of a parent and books.”

Their volunteer coordinator shared this grateful letter from an inmate who is participating in the program:

“My name is Brett and I just wanted to say a little something about the CHiRP program. This program is amazing today is the second time I’ve used it. The first time I read my daughter Knuffle the Bunny and my wife told me that my daughter listened to it three times in a row then fell asleep with the chip card in her hand. This program is awesome, to be able to have them to have a connection and have them hear us read to them is so important. Thank you so much for starting this program and Thank you to the from our book club. Sara you do so much for us and go out of your way to help us. Thank you so much.”

The Community Foundation has also supported the Building Bridges Through Books program run by Book Clubs for Inmates. The participants in the book club recently shared some of their thoughts on the program:

To learn more about Book Clubs for Inmates, and the local impact of the CHiRP program, click here.