Ford Family Endowment Fund

The Ford Family Endowment Fund was created in 2013 when long-time Penhold residents Stewart and Eileen Ford donated $500,000 to invest in the future of students graduating from the Penhold Crossing High School, to pursue post-secondary education.

For Stewart, whose parents were teachers, and Eileen, who taught briefly at Penhold School, this fund is a tribute to the value of high-caliber education opportunities in small rural towns. Their grandchildren have attended Penhold School, and thanks to initiative of the Town of Penhold, their oldest grandchild was part of the first grade 7 class at Penhold Crossing High School.

In the Ford family, giving back to the community has always been a way of life. From a young age, Stewart learned that his hard work could be used to do good things for other people, and through this scholarship fund, the Ford family legacy of philanthropy will live on in perpetuity.