Tax Credit Calculator Available for Donors

The Red Deer & District Community Foundation has launched a simple and interactive new web calculator for donors to learn about the significant financial benefits of their donations.

Our Tax Credit Calculator allows donors to visualize the savings they will have on their taxes as a direct result of their charitable donations.

This tool includes Give Now, Give Later, and Endowment sections.

The Give Now section shows you how your donation can reduce your tax burden with a current donation. Donors can see the tax implications on various assets such as stocks, mutual funds, and RRSPs.

The Give Later section shows the tax savings available to your estate with a donation to charity.

The Endowment section presents a visual example of the growth and long-term impact of your donation when used to create an endowment fund.

Simply enter the amount of your gift, and our Tax Credit Calculator will show you the amount you can save if you make your gift this year (based on current Federal/Alberta rates).

Click here to discover how your gift will have an impact on your community and your personal taxes.