Sustainable Funding for Red Deer Action Group Society

With a goal of moving towards more sustainable funding for the future, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation has granted $25,000 to the Red Deer Action Group in the form of an endowment. By developing this endowment for the Ride Subsidy Program, Red Deer Action Group can confidently plan for tomorrow while continuing their important work today.

In addition to the endowment, the Red Deer Action Group was granted $2,000 to facilitate the immediate needs of the Ride Subsidy Program, which provides reimbursements for transportation costs to support low- income individuals and families in Red Deer. It offers a transportation subsidy to attend social and educational events, as well as trips for medical purposes. The program helps to reduce the cost of bus passes, taxi fares, and other modes of transportation. The Red Deer Action Group Society is working hard to make sure that Central Alberta remains an accessible place to live for all residents, and we are proud to help ensure their work continues.

“Our Community Grants program is set up to help fund programs and projects throughout the entire district. Over the years we have noticed there are several community agencies, much like the Red Deer Action Group, that provide essential services and programming, but due to a lack of resources are required to apply regularly for the same projects,” Erin Peden, Executive Director said. “While the Red Deer Action Group only requested a grant for $2,000, we saw an opportunity to ensure this vital program continues by developing an endowment that will provide funding they can count on each and every year.”

Check out the video below for more about the Red Deer Action Group and their Ride Subsidy Program.