Supporting Volunteerism in our Community: New Volunteer Central Legacy Grant

In honour of National Volunteer Week, the Community Foundation, along with the Volunteer Central Board of Directors, is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity to support volunteerism within the charitable sector here in Central Alberta.

Created to carry on the mission of Volunteer Central, the Volunteer Central Legacy Grant will be granted to agencies looking to enhance the development and sustainability of volunteerism within their organizations. “We are hoping that the Legacy fund will support professional development and/or educational programs to build capacity in the not-for-profit sector in volunteerism in Central Alberta,” said Lynne Mulder, Volunteer Central Board Chair.

After closing in 2021, the Volunteer Central Board of Directors made the decision to endow the remainder of the agency’s assets to create an ongoing legacy. “Volunteer Central did make a difference in the Central Alberta community. We were all very sad that we had to close because of a lack of predictable and sustainable funding, but we hope that this legacy fund can continue the work of Volunteer Central in a meaningful way,” said Mulder.

“I believe you can judge the health of a community by the activity of volunteers,” said Mulder. “Volunteerism is such an important part of any community. It is equally important to the volunteer and the not- for-profit who is the beneficiary of volunteer work. Agencies can serve more people and expand their capacity to carry out their mission.”

Agencies with the desire to build, expand, or strengthen their volunteer capacity can apply for this grant which will open each January, starting in 2023. Grantees will be announced each year during National Volunteer Week, in April.

We encourage those who are interested in getting involved with their community to check out to connect with local agencies looking to fill a variety of volunteer opportunities.