Red Deer River Naturalists Establish $500,000 Endowment Fund for Conservation Projects

Red Deer River Naturalists (RDRN), in partnership with the Red Deer & District Community Foundation (RDDCF), has established a $500,000 Red Deer River Naturalists Endowment Fund For Nature with funds received from a generous bequest.

This Endowment Fund will ensure the long-term sustainability of the RDRN organization and enable it to engage in important conservation projects throughout Central Alberta. Receiving such a generous gift has given RDRN cause for serious and lengthy reflection upon the conscientious and prudent use of the funds. Extensive conversations within the RDRN board resulted in the $500,000 endowment fund at the Red Deer & District Community Foundation.

“RDRN is grateful to the Red Deer & District Community Foundation for its guidance in this process,” said Rick Tallas, RDRN Interim President. “The Red Deer River Naturalists trust that with the money invested with the Red Deer & District Community Foundation, the long-term sustainability of our organization and its conservation goals will be ensured alongside fiscal responsibility.”

“Endowments like this will bring together community to protect and enhance our environment for the betterment of all future generations,” Tallas said.

Going forward, RDRN will be seeking out creative, forward-thinking and timely ways to invest these funds. The organization has created a matrix to assess future potential projects, and funding opportunities will be announced as they are developed. RDRN is also actively seeking out volunteers for committees, and representatives for the board itself, as wisdom and expertise are needed in shepherding the organization.

“The future for RDRN is wide open with conservation and nature-based opportunities,” said Tallas. The board invites all interested members of the Central Alberta public to join in.