RDDCF Collaborates with 100 Women/Men

Red Deer & District Community Foundation is proud of a new collaboration that allows us to work closely with local 100 Women/Men groups to increase efficiency and streamline the donation process.

The concept of 100 Women/Men Who Care groups is to maximize charitable contributions by pooling all member’s donations. These groups come together in meetings where members nominate local charities, listen to presentations on the charities’ needs, and then vote on which charity to support with their donations. A substantial amount of volunteer time was required to ensure that cheques were getting to the correct charity and that charitable tax receipts were being received.

The Red Deer & District Community Foundation recognized that we could alleviate some of the administrative weight from the volunteer organizers AND the recipient agencies by accepting all of the donations on behalf of the 100 Men/Women Who Care organizations, issuing the tax receipts and then donating 100 per cent of the group’s pooled donations to the voted upon charity.

“The Community Foundation is here to ensure that agencies are receiving the support required to address pressing needs within Central Alberta. The 100 Men/Women groups have proven over and over again that they are also committed to enhancing the quality of life in Central Alberta. It only makes sense for us to work together,” said Erin Peden, RDDCF Executive Director.

In this capacity, RDDCF will be collaborating with 100 Women Red Deer, 100 Men Red Deer & 100 Women Sylvan Lake.


Members of 100 Women Red Deer, donate here.

Members of 100 Men Red Deer, donate here.

Members of 100 Women Sylvan Lake, donate here.