RDDCF becomes the Community Foundation of Central Alberta (CFCAB)

A Letter from our Executive Director:

We are excited to announce a new change here at the Community Foundation. As you may have gathered from the survey that was distributed last year, we have been looking to make some changes. After careful consideration and feedback, I am pleased to share that the Red Deer & District Community Foundation will be changing its name to the Community Foundation of Central Alberta. 

Why the change? We understand that accurate representation is essential, especially when it comes to building trust and understanding within the areas that we serve. Our new name aligns more closely with our true reach, and better reflects who we serve, while still prioritizing our identity as a Community Foundation.

Rest assured, while our name may be changing, we remain dedicated to our mission of strengthening the quality of life in Central Alberta. In fact, this new name will allow us to continue our work with agencies and donors in Red Deer, while allowing us to enhance our connections with rural communities even further.

What can you expect from the Community Foundation of Central Alberta (CFCAB)? The Community Foundation of Central Alberta will continue to work in the region, along with Battle River Community Foundation, and Drayton Valley Community Foundation, to ensure comprehensive support for communities throughout the central zone.

Additionally, we will be rolling out a new look and logo. The CFCAB logo includes a circle to represent the circle of giving, the sustainability of endowed philanthropy, and unity between communities.

To celebrate this exciting change, as well as our upcoming 35th anniversary, we are planning a number of community initiatives, including a series of rural visits where we plan to host conversations specifically tailored to rural communities and their philanthropic potential. This tour will provide opportunities for us to engage directly with more citizens of Central Alberta, and share information about sustainability, legacy giving, and our role as a Community Foundation.

We ask for your patience as we undergo the name change process and more importantly, we ask for your support as we move into an exciting new time for our organization. You will begin to see changes in the coming weeks as we switch over our website, email addresses, and social media handles.

We are thrilled about this update, and we believe that this change will bring clarity to our role for donors, agencies, and community members throughout Central Alberta.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this name change, please don’t hesitate to reach out; I am happy to discuss further.

Thank you for being part of our community, and for your support of our work. We look forward to making long-term impact in Central Alberta under this new name and look.


Erin Peden, CFCAB Executive Director