About Women of Excellence

WE are neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members. WE have enriched our community and inspired us through their creativity, compassion and dedication . WE all have this in common:they have used their talents, vision and determination to make Central Alberta a better place to live.

The development and presentation of these awards reflects the Community Foundation’s commitment to increase public and community recognition of women who have earned our admiration and respect. Each year we will recognize contributions and achievements of the women nominated in the Women of Excellence awards categories.

Who are the Women of Excellence?

Each year women from across Central Alberta will be honored in 11 categories. They are the following:

Agriculture and Environment
WE are innovative – leaders in our philosophies and demonstrate commitment to sustainable practices in agriculture. WE have demonstrated a commitment to the preservation and improvement of our natural environment.

Arts and Culture
WE demonstrate outstanding achievement in the expression, development, preservation, patronage and/or promotion of the performing, visual, literary or multi-media arts and/or cultural heritage.

Athletics, Recreation and Fitness
WE participate, coach and mentor, serving as an inspiration to others through our example and accomplishments, thereby enhancing the physical well-being of the residents of Red Deer and Central Alberta.

Business and the Professions
WE are acknowledged in our field for leadership and consistent commitment to excellence. WE leverage our achievements and management skills to facilitate change and create opportunities in either the for-profit and not-for profit sectors. WE demonstrate a respect for and engagement with our community, clients/stakeholders and colleagues.

Community Building
WE have identified a local community need or issue and have provided effective initiative to and pioneer meaningful change. WE are recognized as a source of strength and heart in our community, and harness the time, talent and capacity of others.

Education and Training
WE are celebrated for outstanding achievement in practice, development and/or research in the educational system, employee development, community education or alternative programs.

WE have a solid vision of the future, and possess creativity and ingenuity that separates us from our peers. WE have taken an innovative approach to solving a problem, filling a need or breaking into a new market. WE have made sacrifices and risked a great deal to successfully manage, launch or revive a business, product, service or community organization.

Health and Wellness
WE have experienced outstanding achievement in promotion, education and/or involvement in the physical, emotional and/or spiritual health and well-being of others.

Human Services
WE may work or volunteer in the for-profit or not-for-profit sectors and are acknowledged in our field for leadership, compassion and practice in human service programs and/or organizations within the community.

Young Woman of Excellence
WE are young (under age 25) and are respected for achievements and commitments to education and lifelong learning; work or career; and/ or community. WE are a positive influence on our peers.

A Lifetime Achievement Award recipient will be chosen by the Selection Committee each year.

We’ve made it easier to nominate your choice for a Women of Excellence award! Click NOMINATE ONLINE to submit your nomination and we’ll do the rest.

If you’d prefer to submit a hard copy of the nomination, please print off the 2017 Nomination Form and 2017 Nominee Consent Form and submit to RDDCF by 4:30pm on Monday, April 10, 2017.

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