A state of emergency has been declared in Alberta, and communities across the province are stepping up to support those affected by the wildfires. Almost 30,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, and mandatory evacuation orders remain in place for many communities. As communities combat over 80 wildfires, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation stands alongside those communities and the community foundations mobilizing to respond. The Drayton Valley Community Foundation and the Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta are at the heart of their communities and will continue to serve people as they rebuild from this disaster.

These community foundations have deep roots in their communities and are working alongside the local municipalities to ensure a coordinated response. Donate to the Emergency Relief Fund in Drayton Valley and the Northwestern Alberta Emergency Response Fund to support their efforts. These funds allow communities to decide what they need most and make decisions that best benefit the people on the ground. At this moment in the crisis, these monetary donations, rather than donations of goods or services, are ideal as it allows communities the flexibility to be responsive.

Communities are strong. Communities are resilient. By coming together, we can ensure that they have what they need to thrive as they recover from these wildfires. We can connect people and build communities that are resilient for good. Community foundations have a long history of stepping up and being there when communities need it most, whether that was the floods in Fort McMurray, the wildfires in Slave Lake or the Okanagan, or the recent hurricane in the Maritimes.

Disaster strikes in a moment, but we will be there for the long term. We stand with these community foundations as they take steps together with the community to rebuild and make sure no one is left behind. Disasters destroy buildings and bridges but also a sense of safety and belonging. We will walk together to heal and recover. Our communities are powered by full hearts and open arms, and together we will build back stronger.

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