Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre


Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre is an organization whose mission is to provide hope to children with special needs, the families who love them, and the communities that care for them. Aspire’s core principle, as set by their founding families over 30 years ago, states that “every child should have access to the services he/she requires to reach his/her full potential”.

Aspire offers evidence based diagnostic, assessment and early intervention programs for children with special needs, that are inclusive of family. Assessments include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive, Behavior, Speech Language, Occupational and or Physical Therapy. Families are a crucial part of the team at Aspire, so they involve them in every step of the development of their child’s individualized plan.

In the Fall of 2018, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation was able to grant Aspire $2000.00 from their Smart & Caring Community Fund, towards the Fee Assistance for Families Program. This program provided financial assistance for families with children who are attending Aspire’s specialized EASE (Early Access to Supportive Education) Preschool Program, the TAC (Trans disciplinary Assessment and Consultation) Program and/or one of the Diagnostic Clinics which are two half-day sessions with a therapy team of Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and speech Language Pathologist.

Through this program, Aspire was able to help 48 families who have children with special needs access necessary diagnostic assessment and intervention services. Parents of children with special needs face no financial barrier when they attend an Aspire program or service. Parents we able to obtain the diagnosis, supports, and subsequent education needed for future success for their children with special needs.