Get to know what YOUR community savings account is all about.

What we do

and who we are

Since 1989, the Red Deer & District Community Foundation has been a 360° grant maker that invests in projects, programs, and organizations to build a stronger central Alberta.

Essentially, we act as a community savings account. We accept donations to over 140 funds, both endowed and non-endowed, that support specific causes across central Alberta. By pooling donations and saving them forever in our endowment funds, we offer community members a way to provide for their chosen causes permanently.

All endowed funds are prudently invested and the earnings are used to provide grants to local non-profit organizations in the arts and culture, health and wellness, human services, recreation, sport, education, and environmental sectors.

So if you want to create something that will live on forever and continue to change lives across our community, we can help.