2018 Nomination Form





  • The Adjudication Committee will make their decisions based on the criteria listed below, and the criteria for each award. Please write a profile of your nominee, use point form and provide specific examples.

    1. What are the nominee's unique and outstanding achievements?
    - Displays originality, innovation and excellence in category. Excellence may mean unique and exemplary.
    - Breaking new ground or old barriers.
    - Making a distinct and describable difference in people's lives or community as a whole. Whereas the impact of their achievements go beyond their field of employment or sphere of influence.

    2. How was the nominee contributed to the well being of the community?
    - Contributions which enhance her community in any way such as socially, economically, or culturally.
    - Being an agent of change either within her particular community or the world at large.
    - Affiliation and participation with community organizations such as youth groups, sports, etc.
    - Volunteer work and/or employment.

    3. How has the nominee contributed as a role model?
    - Has enriched or enabled others by virtue of involvement with, or the influence of this candidate.
    - Demonstrated vision and pioneering spirit in the advancement of the community and our quality of life.
    - Educate, support and encourage successors, colleagues and peers.
    - Demonstrated admirable qualities such as leadership, good interpersonal relationships, academic excellence, etc.

  • Please provide a brief biography (120 words). Include the most important facts and accomplishments from the nominee's life. This material will be incorporated into the information prepared for the Reception and Gala programs.

  • Please read the following statement and check them if you agree: Use of your personal information will be strictly limited to the purposes you have consented to as outlined above. You may withdraw your consent by contacting the Red Deer & District Community Foundation at any time.